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What is Nano Coating Technology

(~ a 1 or more component substance based on NANO technology. Popularly known as "nanocoating"")

Within the Coatings category we distinguish between flexible and “hard” coatings, the latter group is also referred to as ceramic or glass coatings.

Both variants use the same active ingredient Silicon Oxide (Si O2). The hardness of ceramic and glass coatings comes from the addition of a glass component, which ensures a rock-hard top layer that is scratch resistant.

Ceramic or glass coatings are mainly used on, for example, cars. Flexible coatings have a wider range of applications such as walls, facades, wooden fences, roofs.

Both coating variants offer:

  • optimal protection against water and dirt
  • have a hydrophobic effect, an ultra-thin water filter that gives a self-cleaning effect (dirt-resistant, water-repellent)
  • protect against UV rays.


The type of coating differs per substrate and is adapted to the requirements in order to achieve the best possible connection with the material.

Look here for an overview of the material specific coatings